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Business Licenses

Only 9 counties issue and require a business license, however many counties require you to register your business with them. You will need to contact the county where you are operating to see if you are required to register or if they issue a business license.

Almost all cities and towns in South Carolina require a business operating within their limits to have a business license. Be aware that if your office is in one municipality and you are operating in another, you will probably need a license for both municipalities. 


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There is no single all-encompassing State business license; however, nearly all municipalities in the state require a business license. The business will need a local business license in most of the municipalities where business is physically located and conducted. 

Example 1:
If a business is physically located in the City of Columbia and does business in the Town of Irmo, business licenses are required from both Columbia and Irmo.  Home-based and online businesses are required to have business licenses.

Example 2: 
If the business is physically located in or conducts business in the unincorporated (non-city limit) area of a county, the business will need a county business license if that county is one of the counties listed with **. 

Example 3:
If the business has a food truck or is a contractor based in the unincorporated area of Richland County (which requires a business license) and conducts business in the City of Columbia, the business would need a Richland County business license and a City of Columbia business license.


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