​Local Business Resources



Out of 46 counties in South Carolina only 9 require business licenses. 

This does not include the cities and municipalities in the state. What does this mean for your business? This means after taking care of Federal and State requirements, you'll need to find out more information about starting/running your business in each county of operation. 

As a business owner, crossing your T's and dotting your I's is important. Check with your county to ensure that all of your licensing and permit bases are covered. 


Municipal Association of SC Online Directory

Visit the Municipal Association of SC Online Directory to find out contact information for your city, town, and county.
There you will find your municipalities website and business information page.
Get your city, town, and county information directly from the source.  


SC Association of Counties
A complete listing of all counties in South Carolina and includes a link to the county’s website if available.


Municode is an online library that contains information on licensing, permitting, zoning and ordinances for many of the towns, cities and counties in South Carolina.


Richland County Business Handbook
The Richland County Business Service Center has developed a Business Handbook which describes the County’s various requirements to do business in Richland County