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Statewide License?

Business licensing and permits are regulated by each individual county in South Carolina. To determine the specific licensing that your business needs you will need to contact the county that your business will be operating in. Research more in Local Resources.


There is no statewide business license in SC.  Business Licenses are local government licenses, issued by the incorporated towns, cities and counties in SC.

SCBOS does not work directly with Business Licenses.  Direct contact with the local government(s) should be made to determine if a Business License is required and the cost, if applicable.

Click HERE for a complete list of counties.  


The chart below includes all of the SC counties that require a business license.

County Business License Quick Chart
A reference guide for county licensing FAQs. These are the nine SC counties that require business licenses. 
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​Beaufort County
Charleston County​Dorchester County
Horry County​​Jasper County​Marion CountyOrangeburg CountyRichland County​​Sumter County
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​License Expire: Dec 31st
Due: Jan 31St
​License Year:
Sept. 1st - Aug 31st
​License Year:
May 1st - April 30th
​License Year:
July 1st - June 30th
License Expire:
October 31st
License Expire:
Dec 31​st
License Year:
Jan 1st - Dec 31st
​Mailed February
Due: March 15th
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(843) 255-2270 ​(843) 202-6080 (843) 832-0018​ (843) 915-5620​ ​(843) 717-3657
(843) 423-8238
ext. 147​
(803) 268-2923 ​(803) 929-6000 ​(803) 774-1601
**This chart is a starting point. For in depth county information, please contact the county office directly.