Q:  Where is my login and/or my filings?

A:  Logins are located at the various agencies where you need to file. SCBOS has no logins.  

For example:  Logins for Sales Tax, Withholding, and Corporate can be found at MyDORWAY.

Logins for Unemployment Taxes and Employer Claims can be found at SCDEW. Hover over the Employers tab to access the dropdown menu.  SUITS is used to file and pay UI taxes, and the Employer's Bridge to Benefits is used to file UI Claims for Employers.

Business Basics


Q:  How do I know what I need for my business type?

A:  Find a list of the most common SC business types on our Industry Licensing page. Can't find your business type? Contact the SCBOS Helpdesk. 

Q:  Where can I find information on start-up costs, financing, how to market my business, and what other resources are available to me?

A: Small Business Development Centers are located throughout the state, which are dedicated to providing assistance with the various aspects of planning, starting and running a successful business. 

There is also SCORE, which is a nonprofit association of volunteers that have years of experience in the business world that are happy to assist you. Checkout a full list of SCBOS Partners and discover how their agency can assist you on your entrepreneurial journey. Meet the Partners

Business Registrations in South Carolina


Q:  How do I register my business?

A: Checkout the SCBOS 9 Steps for Starting a Business. Click on the Starting a Business tab on our home page and follow the steps.  SCBOS does not provide online registrations.  Please be aware that once you leave our site to apply with those agencies, you will need to contact that agency directly to follow up with your information. We do not have access to their databases or filing systems. 


Q:  Where can I apply for a Business License?

A:  There is no statewide business license. You will need to check with the city/county/town in which your business will be operating.  If the business is operating in multiple areas, you will need to check with each city/town/county.  

Need to contact your county directly. View our comprehensive list of county contact information. You can also keep track of the 9 counties that require business licenses by visiting our Do I Need a Business License Chart

Q:  Where can I register an LLC, Corporation or a Limited Liability Partnership?

A:  You can register with the SC Secretary of State's Office online HERE, or you can contact them directly by phone at 803-734-2158. 

Q:  Our business now has employees.  Where can we apply for Withholding and Unemployment?

A:  To register, file, and pay Withholding taxes, visit MyDORWAY. For assistance, contact the SCDOR Call Center at 803-898-5000.
To register, file, and pay Unemployment taxes, visit SUITS. For assistance, contact DEW at 803-737-2400, option 3, option 3. 

Q:  Where can we register for a Sales and Use Tax License?

A:  Register with the SC Department of Revenue at MyDORWAY. For Sales & Use Tax questions, contact the SCDOR Call Center at 803-898-5000.

Q:  Where do I register for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

A:  Apply for your FREE Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) online with the IRS.  


 Business Entity Changes


Q:  How do I change the address of my business?

A:  Find out how to change your business address with the necessary state agencies HERE

Q:  How do I close my business registrations?

A:  Find out how to close your business registrations with the necessary state agencies HERE


Q:  What documents are required to open a business bank account in South Carolina?

A:  Ask the specific bank you are opening the business bank account with what specific documentation they require from you because the requirements vary depending on

        • What state you live in (or the state in which you established your business)
  • What kind of business entity you have set up, since some of these documents might change

Doing Business As (DBA) names in South Carolina


Q: Can I file a DBA (Doing Business As) name in South Carolina?

A: No. South Carolina does not register DBA (Doing Business As) names.