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​Office of Small Business Opportunity        Richland County

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2000 Hampton Street, Suite 3014
Columbia, SC 29204
Local 803-576-1540

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Office of Small Business Opportunity of Richland County, South Carolina, is to provide a race and gender-neutral tool for the County to use in its efforts to ensure that six (6) industry categories of its local business community have an opportunity to participate in County contracts.


It is the Richland County Office of Small Business Opportunity’s responsibility to provide a race- and gender-neutral procurement tool for the County to use as its efforts to ensure that all segments of its local business community have a reasonable and significant opportunity to participate in County contracts for construction, architectural & engineering services, professional services, non-professional services, and commodities.  The Small Local Business Enterprise (“SLBE”) Program also furthers the County’s public interest to foster effective broad-based competition from all segments of the vendor community, including, but not limited to, minority business enterprises, small business enterprises, and local business enterprises.  This policy is, in part, intended to further the County’s compelling interest in ensuring that it is neither an active nor passive participant in private sector marketplace discrimination, and in promoting equal opportunity for all segments of the contracting community to participate in County contracts.  Moreover, the SLBE Program provides additional avenues for the development of new capacity and new sources of competition for County contracts from the growing pool of small and locally based businesses.