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SC Small Business 
Development Center
Darla Moore School of Business
1225 Laurel Street, Third Floor
Columbia, SC 29201
Local 803-777-5118

Your small business isn’t small to you.

For over 35 years, entrepreneurs have turned to the South Carolina Small Business Development Centers (SC SBDC) for assistance expanding an existing business or starting a new enterprise. Through free consulting, low-cost seminars and connections to resources, the SC SBDC helps jump start new businesses and guides existing entrepreneurs towards success.


Our Mission

To advance South Carolina’s economic development by helping entrepreneurs grow successful businesses.


Our Vision

The SC SBDC shall be recognized as the gateway and proven provider of small business assistance driving entrepreneurial growth and success.

To the state of South Carolina this means BIG business because:


                            • State and local communities experience economic growth, reaping the benefits of SC SBDC contributions.
                            • The SC SBDC is a partner of choice in university/public/private collaborations to grow small business and its leaders.
                            • SC SBDC innovative tools and practices are trusted by South Carolina’s small business owners to give them a competitive advantage in a dynamic economy.
                            • The SC SBDC is recognized as a world class team that leverages its network and resources to get economic results.
                            • Stakeholders recognize the SC SBDC’s value and provide sustainable funding to ensure continued economic impact.