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Local Business License

 There is no statewide business license. Each municipality (city, county, town) administers its own business licenses/permits/registrations.

We've done the work! Find contact info for your local city or county​ here. ​​ 


 Your business will need a local business license in most of the municipalities where your business is physically located and conducted. 

If your business is physically located in the City of Columbia and does business in the Town of Irmo, business licenses are required from both Columbia and Irmo. Home-based and online businesses are generally required to have business licenses.
If your business is physically located in or conducts business in the unincorporated (non-city limit) area of a county, the business will need a county business license if required. You will need to contact your county to find out if a license is required or not. You can find that contact information here. ​ 

If the business has a food truck or is a contractor based in the unincorporated area of Richland County (which requires a business license) and conducts business in the City of Columbia, the business would need a Richland County business license and a City of Columbia business license.



Is there a statewide business license?
No. There is no statewide license in South Carolina. Each municipality (city, town, county) administers its' own business licenses.
Be advised: all 46 South Carolina counties DO NOT require a business license. You will need to check with your business's respective municipality to find out what licenses/permits/registrations you need to complete. This is in addition to registering with the Secretary of State's Office. Check our SCBOS Do I Need a Business License chart for more information.
Where can I register for my business license?
SCBOS does not register business licenses. Check with the city, town, or county that where your business is operating. Most municipalities have their own online systems. Check out SCBOS Do I Need a Business License 

Where can I find information for my city, county, or town?
Find more information on our County & City information page.
Find your county's website on the SC Association of Counties website.
What county is my business in?
Find your county based on your address here.

City & Town Office Directory

County Office Directory





If a foreign business (a business that was initially registered outside South Carolina) does not have physical presence or “substantial nexus”, the business may not need local business licenses.