Start Your Business - 9 Step Guide

If you are starting a new business in South Carolina, you've come to the right place.

We are here to help you get started with your new business. We will provide tips and resources to help you along the way and keep you in compliance with the state as you grow your business.

We have a knowledgeable Helpdesk that can help you at anytime along the way!

Once you have written your business plan, use these steps to navigate through starting a business in SC.

SCBOS helps you determine the steps you will take to obtain licenses, permits, registrations, and more. These steps will reference relevant SC agencies and partners and point you in the right direction.

These steps are shared with you "as is" with no guarantees of accuracy or relevance. They provide a starting point but are not a substitute for performing requirements research and due diligence on your own.


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